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Grocery ordering with IoT

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Smart kitchen IoT can help households save time on food shopping and enjoy cooking more. From answering the question of 'what food is at home' to making ordering from the kitchen super simple, or providing dinner ideas that work for busy days or slow days, the smart kitchen has arrived. At MinFarm Tech we are working with grocery stores all around the world to help them build and deliver smart kitchen solutions for their customers, so their food service is at the center of this kitchen revolution.

Step 1: Prototype

Design smart kitchen IoT interfaces to your grocery e-commerce service with the help of our product templates and engineering team. Build everything from fridge door order boards, to freezer stock sensor magnets, to smart recipe books that order ingredients with a push of a button!

Step 2: Pilot

Trial your IoT design in sandbox mode on pilot households and gather key customer insights not available via traditional online-only channels.

Step 3: Launch

Manage 1000s of low cost units at customer locations, and see your long term customer value transform.

Start building today, email our engineering team at info@minfarm.se or simply mock up a prototype here:

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